Wisconsin Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Shack in the middle of a lake in Wisconsin. Taken by Advertising Photographer Matthew Bowie for a personal project.

I was hoping to take a break from Chicago Advertising Photography this winter. I recently helped a friend on a commercial video production and traveled to Wisconsin for the video shoot. On the last day of the trip we had some down time. I wondered out onto the frozen lake near the camp and met Dale, an ice fisherman whose been fishing the same way for the past 50 years.

Dale seemed like a typical Wisconsin fisherman that grew up fishing and being outside without having to worry about having paperwork on hand to fish. “Ice fishing has changed a lot over the years and now guys have huge trailers with electricity and flat screen TV’s. It’s become wusified. I come out here to get away. Just myself, the fish and a beer is good enough, said Dale, when he recalled the current state of ice fishing.”














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